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Yellow brick road

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There's no place like home


Dorothy just wants to get home. After "running away" with Toto and then trying to go back when the tornado appears, her journey is to get back to her Auntie Em, the woman that raised her. Her problem is that she must embark on a long journey down the yellow brick road to get to Oz, just so that a "Wizard" can help her. Throughout the movie, she talks of how she misses Auntie Em and Uncle Henry and how they are wonderful people, even though a couple of hours ago she was upset at them for siding with Ms. Gulch.

She has to endure many obstacles to get home, from trying to hide from the witch, having to get her broom, finding her way to Oz. All the while, the only thing she had to do was click her heels three times and say...



If it were that easy, the twenty-first century Dorothy would have gone a little something like this...




Just as Dorothy had a long journey to find her way home, I can also relate. My journeys aren't necessarily walking down a yellow brick road or dealing with evil witches, but I do travel down I-10 with psycho drivers on the highway. I endure all the craziness of driving just to be able to spend time with the people I love, my family.

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