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Wide Emblem

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 6 months ago

A stage.




Doesn't have to be big. No auditorium is necessary. Just a stage.




A stage is an appropriate construction of a wide image, for myself, because I aspire to be a dancer/performer/choreographer. (Yes, I will accomplish them all.) I first started thinking that this would be my wide image, I even have it scribbled in my book: "Note to Self: Wide Image=stage?" Didn't think I would stick to it. However, after looking through my mystory and especially the patterning exercise, I noticed that dance and movement were among my two main ideas. Well dancers dance on a stage, movement occurs on a stage, my life has been performing on a stage, my career is centered around the stage, my ideas are shaped around the stage. Perfect for a wide emblem, eh?


My thoughts are always reverted back to, well where do I fit in? Front and center can cause haste decisions (ie everyone else is doing it), yet independent choices as well(I am the center of the world and will do as I please.) Where am I? In different settings, my attitude changes. Am I at school, work, a foreign land? Who is around me? Is it people I know, love, dislike, loathe, admire? All these factors influence my way of thinking. All these factors revert back to the stage.


Below is a clip from an ingenius film, well at least to dancers, that places importance upon a stage. It's more of a dance way, but could also be seen in other views as ways of thinking. Here's a little backgroud. The movie, Center Stage, is about a ballet academy that only the best attend. This last scene is a clip of the final scene, in which different choreographers showcase thier dance, and it is basically auditions for the company for the dancer. The choreographer and dancer, Cooper, has come up with a non-traditional ballet routine for showcase. It is more modern, and risque than most would like. His idea for change is brilliant and the company owners love it. This literal change of scenery, actors, and placement on stage influenced others thoughts about contemporary ballet.



My wide image hasn't come that far yet. However, hopefully this will provide me with more insight on the way I view obstacles and help me make choices that I wouldn't have made "ordinarily."

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