Movement: In all it's





The scarecrow has no control over his body. Since he is made out of straw he is unable to walk or dance without falling over and needing someone to help him. The video below shows the inability of Scarecrow to control the way his body moves. Obviously, being made of straw, he has no bones therefore his movements cannot be controlled.



Disregard the last 15 seconds of the clip. Instead of bones, Scarecrow is stuffed with straw and his movements are like those of noodles. When he tries to do a pirouette (a turn) he is unable to keep his standing leg straight, and it leads to him falling over.


Tin Man

The Tin Man also has no control over his body, but his is a different manner. He requires the use of an oil can or else he will rust. His movements are very much like that of a robot, jerky and stiff. His "joints" don't function properly, causing him to be inflexible. The video below shows how the oil can determines if he is able to move or not, yielding to the fact that his movement is controlled by another, other than himself.



Cowardly Lion

The Cowardly Lion has complete comtrol over his body. Being a lion, and not man-made like the other two, he possesses all the right "nerves", limbs, and bones to control his movement. The Cowardly Lion has two main ways of standing. He is either very tall and rough, or hunched over like a wimp. This takes into consideration the role he is playing at the moment.