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The Spirit team of the family are the girls, (a little stereotypical but in my family it's so apparent). My sister, Emily, and I are total girly girls from loving make-up and dressing up, to both being very involved in dance and cheerleading.

Emily (sister)


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The "mini" me is my sister Emily. The only difference is she has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is taller at seven than I was at eleven. In all other aspects though, she's me. Last year was her first dance recital and I was amazed at her performance. She does a combo class which is an hour and a half class of thirty minute tap, jazz, and ballet classes. The day of recital I did her make-up and we were almost identical.

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She's exactly like me in that she wasn't nervous at all, she just wanted to go out there and perform. Being that she is the tallest girl in her dance classes she was almost always in the back of her three dances but she shone like no other. The only one to smile the whole way through, the only one who remembered every step, and the only one who completed her motions was my sister. I was more proud of her than my stepmom. Emmi and I, despite our age difference, are best friends. When it comes to spirit, we've got it, whether it be for each other or our favorite football team (Pittsburgh Steelers).





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