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The players in my family are my two brothers. They play sports (or will), and they are the most active of the family. They are also the ones that everyone tends to praise, whether it be for how cute they are or how great of an athlete they are.





If there was ever the typical American kid that has it all, it's my brother. Football, basketball, soccer, baseball; you name it and he's a pro. Oh, and by the way, he's only twelve. Besides being a metaphor for my Family Discourse page as a player, he really is a sports player (quarterback A team, yay!). I don't call him Josh, I call him brother and he calls me Sissy. Yea, I know it sounds a little weird, but that's us.


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A day that will be forever stuck in my memory is pretty funny and embarassing for both me and brother. We were sitting down watching Barney, I was about ten and Josh was three. Apparantly my brother left the living room and started playing in the game room while the show was on and I was clapping and singing with television. When my mom came in she started laughing at me for singing and I told her I was only watching it because Josh started crying every time I tried to change it. She then informed me of his absence in which I felt like an ass (probably not that exact word at the time) and admitted to still loving Barney. Later on that day my brother was naked and acting out the fight scenes from Power Rangers. We watched it from behind a plant and recorded it. I still taunt him about it, telling him I'm going to show it for his prom and definately for his graduation party. Ha!



Not yet old enough to actually be on a team, my lil' bro loves to play anything and everything. From sports to Barbies (my Dad tries to get him away from that one), Anthony just likes to be occupied. Personally, I think he's going to be a linebacker because that boy can hit and tackle like no other., at the age of 4!

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Anthony is the youngest of my siblings and one that I don't get to see too often. Between dance practices, working at the dance studio, and school, driving to Houston on the weekends is a rare occurance for me. When Anthony was a little younger (maybe about 2 or so) he really didn't remember me too well. Everytime I would go visit he would be shy around me and when he finally came around it was always time for me to head back to Austin. This was a heartbreaking time for me because my little sister had always loved me (even though I rarely got to see her either) and I felt like me and Anthony never got to connect. One summer, I took my little sister to Austin so that she could attend a dance camp that I teach. When she got back Anthony kept asking my dad and Cindy, "When do I get to go see Brittany?" From that point on, he always remembers me and calls me every other day just to tell me he loves me. I don't know whether it finally registered in his brain who I was or just the fact that his sister (Emily) loved me so much so I had to be good. Either way, he finally started to come around.



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