Pidgin Signs

Pidgin Signs



Lyrical dancing brings out a certain emotion in people.


To me, the best lyrical dances are performed with passion for a loved one. Whether it be a relative or lover, lyrical dances are a release of emotion. The body can move to the lyrics of the song and become so emotional that it makes other people cry or feel moved.



That is always my goal when performing a lyrical dance.



Hip hop is fun and diverse.


To me, a hip hop class or dance represents having fun. Just letting your hair down and going crazy.



Ballet is unfamiliar waters.


To me, ballet is scary and hard. Ballet is the essentials that I'm not so great at, yet I can dance badass. Personally, ballet; you're either born with the turnout or not. Yes, I can teach it to little kids, but I could never go to an academy for it.



Jazz dancing is acting. Whether it's cute or sexy or technical, in jazz I become an "actress" through facial expressions and body language.