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Origins of Pf



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William Bohls founded Pflugerville in 1860 by establishing a general store and post office. He named it in honor of Henry Pfluger, who left Germany to escape the Prussian War in 1849. Pfluger bought 160 acres of land from his brother-in-law John Liese. The land was only 2 miles from Austin and Pfluger later exhanged the land for a larger farm that is presently 5 miles east of Pflugerville today. His family lived on a farm and grew crops and raised cattle, which his sons drove to market on the Chisholm Trail.


Pflugerville was a small town that didn't become very prosperous until 1904, with the arrival of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad. Pfluger had eight sons and one of the Otto, built the first gin in 1904.


Racism within the Community


In 1910, the colored workers in the ice factory and cotton industry weren't allowed to move into town. La Rue Norton owned 1,200 acres west of Pflugerville and began selling lots of one acre to the workers for fifty dollars each. This was Pflugerville's "colored addition."


Pflugerville today


Although racism in Pflugerville still exists, it definately has gotten a lot better. When looking at our demographics I was surprised to see that 77% were white, followed by 17% Hispanic, and only 10% African American. This strikes me as really odd because our schools were mostly Hispanic and African American ( and I went to the "most white" schools). Obviously racism in America existed and has gotten substantially better over the years. To me, most Pflugervillians accept everyone, no matter race, religion, or sexual preference. Of course, we have the conservative group who are always bitching about what the world has come to today, but overall in Pflugerville people are people.



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