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Pflugerville Park

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Where it all happens


The actual pfestival occurs at Pflugerville Park. Starting from the pool, there are booths set up everywhere ranging from selling jewlrey to promoting youth football. One you get past the booths there is the food and live music in the gazebo. Behind the gazebo is a large chunk of land where all the carnival rides and games are.


The Young


Ranging from about 5 years to early twenties, the carnival site is the place to be. After graduating from high school people always come back for Deutschen Pfest. It's kind of like the homecoming for the town. Even within the carnival part there are still groups. The little ones usually stand in line with their parents begging for rides. The middle schoolers try to look cool by starting fights behind the rides. The people in high school stand in the middle and usually try to sneak alcohol in a Sonic cup.


The Parents

Most of the parents (the overly active ones at least) are in booths during the Pfest. They are campaigning for the children's groups or shopping for themselves and loved ones. I don't know how many times a person can walk up and down a path without getting bored, but apparently it is a lot during Deutschen Pfest.


The Old


The live music and food is usually where the older people stay. The music is most always country, so the old folk do some two-steppin' on the "dance floor" which is actually the basketball court. There are benches at every park (duh) but they add a little more for the Pfest and normally we let that be reserved for the older people.


Within Pflugerville there are many different types of people. Different ages, different colors, different lifestyles. Even though the Pfest is supposed to bring us all together, and we are in the sense of we are in the same area, there is still people merging with their groups. Maybe it's being outside of our comfort zone that we're scared of, or maybe we just stick with what has been presented to us from the past. There's no reason why a teenager shouldn't go on the dance floor and dance, but do they. Hell no, unless they want to be mocked at from other classmates or look at awkwardly by others. That is the strange thing that is similiar within most communities. We are pressured by past or history and don't want to do things differently than we are "supposed to". Why? I have no clue.

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