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Around town


The Deutschen Pfest parade starts at about 9 in the morning. That means if you're in it, you get there at 7. People usually park at Brookhollow Elementary School or Park Crest Middle School. Every group, whether it be sports, girl scouts, or the men on little bikes is in the parade.


I was in 9th grade the first time I got to be in the parade. I was a freshman cheerleader on the Varsity team, that meant I got to walk in front of the float and tumble and do stunts. I was so pumped. Getting there early sucked, but it was worth it. We did liberties and full downs, while everyone smiled and took pictures of us. It's like being famous one day and walking down the red carpet. (Although you don't get to dress up and it's not 10 seconds, more like 20 minutes.) Being in the parade is what every kid, boy or girl, wants if they are from Pflugerville. The whole town watches you and cheers for you when you walk by.




Most groups throw out candy when they walk by and the little kids run in the street to get it, while their parents leap after them so they don't get trampled by the next float. It's pretty hilarious.


The parade starts at Railroad Avenue and travels down the street going South until we turn onto downtown Pflugerville. From there it goes to the end of a neighborhood and then it's over.


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Being on the dance team my last three years of high school, we always performed at the parade. The parade was also like a competition. For dance team it was who could come up with the best routines to march to with the cutest costume. My junior year I came up with the idea that we could do a "moving routine" to a band song while marching. It was awesome. We did kicks, leaps, and turns to "Walk this way" by Aerosmith. Basically it was badass and we outdid Pflugerville High School by far. For band members it is who can come up with the best songs to play. For the football players (whether youth, middle school, or even high school) it is who has the best float and who throws out the most candy. Apparently competition runs high in our community. We always want to outdo the next person.

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