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Noticing Default Moods

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Teaching equals a professional atmosphere where learning and progression is priority, students must not talk unless they raise their hand, and teachers always know the answers.

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Or so, that't how it is supposed to be.


Although my form of teaching is different than teachers than a classroom at school, it is teaching none-the-less. However, my classes are always relaxed, full of tlaking and laughter, and fun is the most important thing. Sure i want my students to develop into amazing dancers, but if they aren't having fun than what's the point?

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Other dance studios I know of (or have attended) were very strict about dress code, talking, and jewlrey. At my studio we say not to wear any jewlrey except for stud earrings, but if they aren't getting hurt or playing with it, we really don't care.


As most studios are strict, we are relaxed. We seriously are like family. Having a close relationship with the students is normal, but having it with the parents to is something special. We normally have dinner at the kids' houses and a lot of times go out or go shopping with the moms. Occassionally we spend the night at their houses when their husbands go out of town for work, so the mom's wont be lonely. This definately is not the usual dance studio atmosphere.



Sure, some parents are a pain in the ass, but that happens within any job relating kids and money. Our studio creates a fun and safe family atmosphere. I love going to work. I get so upset when we get off for the holidays because I miss teaching, I miss hanging out with the girls, I miss their families. I usually have the mind set of whatever age group I'm teaching which ranges from four to seventeen. I'm really silly with my younger classes, but just a little (and when I say just a little, I mean it) more serious with my older girls.

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Most days at the dance studio are good, with my mood usually being excited or happy to be dancing. However, sometimes when the kids don't listen at all or a parent bitches about a tuition bill, my mood turns sour. As all people encounter bad days, so do I, but the good ones definately outweigh those that suck.

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