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Memory Glimpse

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Butterflies in my tummy, my head felt a little dizzy, and my face looked like a clown had kidnapped me. It was my first dance recital. I was five and for some reason I remember it vividly. All the girls in the entire studio had to fit into the two theatre dressing rooms at Pflugerville High School. The auroma of aerosol hairspray filled the rooms. Make-up was flying left to right, people were practicing in corners, stage moms were screaming at people. I was staring at my mom, confused as to why she was panicking. Apparently one of my costumes was missing a piece. I didn't care, I was ready to get on stage. My first dance was a ballet to the Disney movie Aladdin. Our costumes were pink genie costumes with a lot of rhinestones and a silver beaded head-band. I messed up and did an arabesque instead of a sote, but at least I smiled through the whole dance, unlike everyone else. As I was rushed off stage by our assistant Ms. Melissa, my mom came in the room with tears in her eyes. They were tears of joy, she later told me. Our second dance was tap and we had props! We each had a tin tub and a big lollipop. Our costumes were white dresses with red sparkled polka dots that flared out (like Shirley Temple). We came out licking our lollipops and then towards the middle ended up on our tin tubs. All the parents were calling me a "ham", and at the time I thought they wanted to eat me. (I know, a little weird but hey, I was naive) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketOur third dance was jazz, and I was the star of that dance. It was to Beauty and the Beast's "Be Our Guest," and at the beginning I had a little solo part. Not bad for my first recital eh? As the spotlight shined on me, I could feel my heart pounding and I loved it. Everytime I went out on stage I felt a feeling of calmality mixed with an adrenaline rush. I knew that the stage was my new home. After recital we got to venture out to the audience to take pictures and, my favorite part, recieve flowers. I couldn't even carry all of my bouquets, my mom ''and'' my grandma Byrd had to help me, that's how many I had. My first recital set a high standard for those to come. Recitals are now what I live for (as sad as that sounds), and each year I try to get more bouquets than the previous.

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