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Kinesiology-the scientific study of human movement.


Kinesiology careers include coaching/athletic training. This study can also fits into other fields and helps development in motor skills. Kinesiology represents anyone/thing that moves, from dancers to people suffering from illnesses.

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Being undeclared first semester of college seemed a little scary to me. I know that most people don't start out with their major, or their majors change frequently, but I have always KNOWN what I wanted to do with my life. Dance. Whether it was through teaching or performing, I wanted to spread the joy of dance to others. After going to an acedemic advisor and discovering kinesiology I was so excited. Everytime I tell people my major I get the reaction, "huh?". For some reason, people don't know the term kinesiology even though there is a surprising amount of people involved. Coaches, physical therapists, athletic training, sports promoters, and personal fitness trainers can all develop their careers through kinesiology.

For me, this study of the body is a crucial element for my career. Tap involves not only the feet, but control of the legs and core to be able to execute the moves. To dance in general involves using all muscles of the body. Knowledge of the body; how it functions, what makes it shut down, and how to increase performance levels will help me, not only to become a better performer, but also a more effecient teacher.

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