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A big city filled with rich, poor, hispanics, blacks, whites, asians, drug dealers, and stars. People live in Houston, and are pretty tolerant of those around them, just as the Weaver's are accepting.


It's hard to pick a certain family to love more than another, but I do adore my dad's side of the family. Especially my Grandma Byrd. She has always given me presents like any other grandma, but she doesn't spoil me. She's very strict, but also very loving. In addition to the presents we get for Christmas and our birthday, she also gives us care packages relevant to our age. Now, my care packages consists of a lot of food, seeing as I'm a broke college student.


I am a true Daddy's girl, although this is a recent bond. I have always loved my Dad, but lately I have been able to tell him anything and everything (which is great considering my mom would bitch at me).


The drive to Houston used to be a dreaded one, but now it's nothing. I can't figure out if it's because I live a little closer, or the fact that I drive my own car, or maybe it's because I am not so self-centered and I actually look forward to spending time with family. Either way, Houston is a place that is part of my home, very familiar to me, just as the roads to get there are.

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