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Georgetown is a small town, that is relatively close to my home in Pflugerville. I have known Jay (my stepdad) since I was four and our first encounter was quite memorable.


My mom and Jay were highschool sweethearts until she moved to Houston before her senior year. After her and my dad got divorced she moved back to Austin and started to date Jay again. When we first met we were in the car and I took a big yawn. Jay stuck his finger in my mouth (trying to be funny) and I bit the shit out of him.


Now maybe it wasn't the best memory ever, but it was still funny. His family isn't that big, but he has a big immediate family. Papa Leroy (his dad) was married five times and had four kids (with only 3 women.) This family is very familiar to me, they are so much fun to hang out with and we always have a good time together. Although, it is a very confusing family seeing as I have an aunt who is actually younger than me, and also one of my best friends.


The treck to Georgetown isn't that far away from me, only about 20 minutes. Going to Georgetown never was that much of a pain growing up because it was so close (as were the Hester's).

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