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Family Discourse

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My parents' divorced when I was three. No worries, it's the norm for me. My mom moved back to Austin and my dad stayed in Houston. The biweekly drives took forever.


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Thinking of family just makes me think of driving. No matter who I was going to see, we were always driving. Whether it was driving to meet my Dad at La Grange or driving to South Austin off Slaughter to visit my aunt, the car was our way to get to family. Looking back, Pflugerville to Slaughter is nothing, but everytime we had family reunions at my aunt Gigi's house I dreaded the drive. The only thing that ever seemed to make it go by faster was music. Now, I didn't always get my way because I liked pop music when I was a kid and my parents are "rockers". There were a lot of fights in the car when I couldn't listen to what I wanted to, but when the tears came I usually ended up getting my way. When I could listen to my music I would make up dances in my head and it would seem as though it only took a couple of minutes to get to our destination.



Driving makes me think of family. No one in my family lives in a different state, but we still don't live two seconds away from each other either. Most of my mom's side lives in Spicewood and most of my dad's side lives in the surrounding areas of Houston. Then we have my step-parents and Cindy's (my stepmom) side is in Dallas, while Jay's (my stepdad) is in Georgetown and Taylor. Family is important and regarless of whether it's a fourty minute or four hour drive, the time it takes to get there doesn't seem like such a hassle anymore. Now driving to Houston takes only 20 minutes in my eyes, escpecially since I get to visit with my little brother and sister during those visits.

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