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Dorothy and I are alike, well in a sense.


Of course, I would LOVE to be exactly like her, but obviously I'm not. However, we are similiar in our movement, dance, and drive.


Movement is in both of our lives.


With Dorothy, movement first comes with the tornado, then to Munchkin land all the way to Emerald City. She travels down the yellow brick road just to see the Wizard of Oz in order for her to go home to the people she loves. Just as I must travel down highways and country roads in order to see the people I love.


Movement also is in both of our lives through dance, although they are a little different. Dorothy's famous "kick ball change" or "pas de bouree" as she makes a trek along the yellow brick road are movements that I use everyday in my dance classes. The other character's of the movie also incorporate their own style of movement.


When Dorothy is told by the Wizard of Oz to bring him back the broom of the Wicked Witch, she doesn't back down. Even though she is scared to death, she still goes through with it because she wants to go back home so much. Eventually, she succeeds in getting the broom, even though it wasn't her intention to kill the Wicked Witch.


When I set my mind to something, it will be achieved. Believe me, sometimes I am scared shitless, but if I want something that much it will be worth it. When I was sixteen I went to Tremaine Dance Convention and we had to do across the floors in ballet, jazz, and tap in order to audition for scholarships. Ballet is not my best subject, actually I suck at ballet. When they were teaching us the steps I had no clue what I was doing, but I did it anyways (and with a smile). Somehow, I ended up pulling it off and got a scholarship to attend Tremaine Dance Conventions for a year for free! Like Dorothy I was scared, but I wanted something so badly that I just went for it, just as Dorothy went through all that trouble to go home.

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