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Decision Making

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Working two jobs and going to school, I am constantly on the move. With hardly any time to sleep, much less take a break boredom is not something I usually experience, although I used to encounter with it frequently. Personally, I think boredom is just a lazy state of mind. Always running around, boredom comes to me when I feel as though there is nothing interesting to do. However, I have realized that there is always ''something'' to be done whether it is exercising, homework, or cleaning. I know these things may not be the most fun activities, but regardless of their excitement level they need to be done. Boredom, to me, is a state of mind in which one feels like there is nothing to do.

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Being away from home is something that I am used to. My parents were divorced by the time I was three, so being away from either my mom or dad wasn't uncommon. Also, I have always been involved in competitions through dance and cheerleading so we traveled a lot. I love my parents, but being away from them or not talking to them for a couple of days doesn't really affect me as much as my two youngest siblings do. I have two brothers 12 years old and 4 years old, and a sister that is 7 years old. Not being able to experience their childhood with them kills me everyday.

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Sometimes when I'm not surrounded by friends, or too busy to even think I do miss my family a lot and feel the desire to come home. Even though not being at my house doesn't cause me to feel a longing, I do find myself loving every minute of home, especially my bed, which is basically the most comfortable bed. Ever.



No mood is final

Watching a movie in a public theatre I am usually excited and anxious, while if the movie is on televsion I am usually relaxed and just wanting to chill.


Happiness overwhelms me when I get to see my parents. Although they don't live very far away, time spent with them is always good.

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However, dread and the need for procrastination come about when I go to study in a library. It's too quiet in a library and I feel confined to one spot (which is something I hate). Doing work isn't something that I throughly enjoy, so going to the library doesn't evoke a good mood upon me.


Decisions, Decisions

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Not being a very decisive person, decision making is always hard for me. Honestly to make a decision I have to be in a state of mind where all my emotions are thrown out the window. The only way for me to get in this state of mind is to dance. Whether it be hip hop or lyrical the only way for me to make a decision is to dance.

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