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Counter Dictionary

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Remote Control


Watching television is something I grew up with. Morning cartoons were a habit, daytime soaps were recorded, and Monday night football was a ritual. I was never ''forced'' to sit in front of the televsion, but it was like a family gathering when I did. During those family gatherings, my stepdad always had the remote control. I would go to his seat to look for it when he got up, but he would put it in his pocket. He even held the remote while we watched my mom's soap opera 'Days of our Lives' so he could fast forward through the commercials. The remote was power, whoever had it was the supreme ruler. My brother and I would always continuously change the channels when he wasn't home, just so that we could control the television. When the show So You Think You Can Dance started on air, I was estatic. Dance, my life, was finally being recognized and to watch it inspired me. After about a month of watching it every Wednesday and Thursday night, my stepdad refused to recognize that it came on. Even though we recorded it, I still insisted upon watching it live. Finally, he let me have the remote while he was in the room. It was as though I had been moved up on the social ladder of the family (as odd as that sounds).

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