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Dance has always been an important part of my life. Let me make this real clear. When I say important I basically mean, dancing is my life. Ever since I can remember I have been dancing. The dance studios I have attended have shaped me as a dancer and as a person.



I first attended Dance by Colleen at the age of 3, located in Pflugerville, TX. I completed my elementry school days while at Colleen's. While there I only took tap, ballet, and jazz. I wanted to do the competition team there but my mom didn't have the money. Colleen's was my beginning stages of dance. I still pass by it while going home, but it has now turned into an old lady boutique. When I left Brookhollow Elementary school, Colleen left us for "love."


The first day of middle school was nerve racking for me. Not only did I have to worry about finding all my classes, but also had to be concerned with meeting new students at Tinka's Dance Studio. I went there for part of middle school. I think going there made me find out my strengths and weaknesses in dancing. It was there that I first tried lyrical and hip hop, falling in love with both. Little did I know that Tinka's would become my rival in the following years.


I would have never gotten to where I am now without Lonestar Dance. As I started high school I became the Captain of my Dance Team and we had a choreographer from UT POM come do our dances. Sarabeth thought I was amazing and the following year, after she graduated, she opened up a dance studio. She wanted me to join and help teach. I took every class there was. It was here that I realized my passion for dance; whether it was through performance or teaching. I still teach here and take most classes (usually as an assistant), but nonetheless, take them.



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This is part of my current studio at Lonestar Dance. Well it's studio A. We have three rooms. It's a little messy, it was the day of recital and we were having a lot of stuff to do.



It strikes me as odd the way that my dance studio days panned out. I never realized that the only three I went to occurred in blocks of grade schools. The different studios also represented different points in my life. At Colleen's I was innocent and plain; never getting in trouble and only taking the basics of dance. In elementary I behaved well, making good grades and always getting the Perfect Attendance Awards. I wasn't a dork, nor was I really popular. I fit somewhere inbetween the group. I shined within my friends though, just as I shined on stage. As I developed into a teen, I felt different. Not in the out of place sort of way, but in the way that I had to be better than everyone else. I guess since when I went to Tinka's I was better than the dance teacher at tap, I thought I was the shit, which looking back makes me feel stupid. This is relevant to my years in middle school as well. I was always getting in trouble and thinking that I had to be tough. My most growth and change occurred through high school years. I learned different types of dances and excelled in them, I was challenged at dance conventions, and I got a couple of injuries. Relationships broke my heart at school, AP classes challenged me everyday, and I definately stood out of the crowd with my diverse extra curriculars. Looking back, the studios shaped my life. My feelings while attending studios directly coincided with my activities with school. Funny and odd.

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