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Deutschen Pfest


Pflugerville, the city of Pf. Pfamily Pfun centers, Pfriday night games, and most importantly Deutschen Pfest.


Deutschen Pfest is a festival that us "Pflugervillians" celebrate annually. It consists of three days of carnival rides, food, booths, and pfun with pfriends and pfamily. Saturday is probably the most popular day. The morning is jump started by a parade that starts right by Park Crest Middle School at the corner of Railroad Avenue.


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After the parade most of the town heads on down to Pflugerville Park, where the eating begins. Most of the older people shop around at the booths, while the kids head over to the carnival rides and games. Everyone is seen at Deutschen Pfest, and if you do something wrong, every one and their mom will know it. Pflugerville isn't a small town, but it sure is full of gossip.


Deutschen Pfest originally was part of a bicentennial celebration. About 1976, Pflugerville decided to celebrate it's more German heritage than any other, hence the name "Deutschen Pfest".


The first actual German celebration was May 29, 1910. The Pfest is always held in late May.

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