Being Singular

Different situations cause me to react differently. I'm not sure if it's because of the people I'm surrounded by, or an image I'm trying to impose upon others. Either way, there are definately different sides to me. However, there are not just two sides of me: the group side and the individual side. In a group at a party or downtown I act totally opposite from myself as opposed to the way I act in a classroom.


In a group, whether it be with friends or coworkers, I still try to portray the image of the girl who works hard but parties harder. I know that this image may not seem like a hard one to uphold, but it really is. It also gets annoying sometimes too because people always expect me to go out with them, and instead of getting my shit done, I usually give in and go.


Individually, I am a passionate person. Sure I like to go out and have a good time, but I would be just as happy spending the night with my little dance girls (whether it be teaching them or having one of their many slumber parties). Family comes first to me, then dance. Those are two things that without I would be lost. I don't always spend time with my family though, because of the group image I try to uphold. Crappy, but true.